Curves Appreciation… !!!

It’s always refreshing when a big booty’d lady hits the runway, we have been limited in the past to the likes of Crystal Renn or Tara Lynn (she fronted last season’s H&M campaign) Pictured below posing naked for her lady of the moment EllE shoot!!! Well fear no more ladies New York has introduced it’s very own Full Figured Fashion Week, It’s definitely more lively than the average NYFW, it goes without saying that the models are more rambunctious than your average size 6 model!!!

FFFW is basically designed to celebrate the  woman, and put hr on the catwalk donning couture adaptations that accentuate her natural fuller figured shape!!!

The most entertaining part of the week has to be the ‘Catwalk Off’, which results in one potential model in a very Gaga-esque bubble dress having a Naomi-fall moment on the catwalk, which she covers up by crawling, feline-style, down the remainder of the runway. Tell me that’s not fantastic!!!

What do you ladies think of FFFW???

One response to “Curves Appreciation… !!!

  1. I like that it’s a step forward, but wish they weren’t a separate thing. I hope by the time I have a daughter she won’t be so closed in by the “thin” image of a women, and the gap will be bridged.

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