SJP Hat-astic!!!

Sarah Jessica Parker is no stranger to the wonderful world of crazy quirky headwear, as she was photographed earlier this week in Sydney donning another one of Philip Treacy hats, The actress was in Melbourne, Australia yesterday for the VRC Oaks Club Ladies Luncheon (ooh, fancy) wearing a Chanel tweed dress, Manolo Blahnik heels and THAT HAT!!! Well I think that it’s bloody fantastic!

How could we forget the beginnings of SJP’s crazy hat shenanigans at the first SATC London Premiere!!! I can recall feeling very sorry for the person sitting behind her!!!

SJP is way ahead of everyone when it comes to crazy headgear , she was rockin’ meter high adornments a looong time before Princess Bea, and her infamous pretzel!!! Personally I love the ever so intricate creation pictured below!
And of course if we’re talking extravagant hats then we have to mention Anna Dello Russo, after donning that precious cherry creation… Ohhh Gutsy! 

It’s all sparkly watermelons in the world of high-end fashion!!!

Ladies what are your favourite Big headwear pieces ???!!!

One response to “SJP Hat-astic!!!

  1. I love SJP in the third head dress, beautiful! Jen xoxo XOXO

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