Alexa For Vera Moda!!!

If you lovely gal’s and guy’s cast your mind back a couple of months you will remember me harping on about one of the most peculiar collaborations in the fashion world!!! (ok, maybe not THAT peculiar but slightly odd none the less) anyhoo’s I’m talking about Alexa Chung’s collabo with Vera Moda of course! Now a few including myself were initially skeptical at the prospect but this week the brand new images of the campaign were released, and well the collection is dare I say rather fabulous 🙂 

 The collection is inspired by 70’s era, and the shoot took place in a retro New York apartment according to Grazia. Katja Hundrup, International PR for Vero Moda, has nothing but praise for the brand’s new face. ‘Alexa Chung is an inspiring woman to work with,’ she says. ‘She knows her fashion references and is able to combine high-end designer items with high street and vintage in a unique way, putting personality into whatever she wears.’

Snoop the collection yourself here 🙂

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