Celebs hit the Versace for H&M Show!!!

Donatella Versace launched the hyped up collection for H&M over the weekend!!! Tickets to the celebrity clad event really was the envy of all aspiring fashionistas, paparazzi etc and believe me there were a whole heap of A-listers in attendance! Some of the outfits being displayed were definitely what you would describe as (to put it nicely) quirky! And then of course there were those darling outfits being adorned by Hollywood’s finest!!! Lets take a quick look at who rocked up to Versace’s and H&M’s collabo show!!!

The fashion royalty herself pictured above with Rapper fashion icon (in her own weird right) Nicki Minaj.

I am a huge fan of fashion gumption and lets face it Nicki has buckets of it but grass-green hair, that matches the crazy wallpaper??!! Reeeeaaally Nicki??!! Reeeeaaally??!!

But it seems that the Nicki wasn’t the only star hellbent on stealing the spotlight from the models! actor Alan Cumming rolled up in this bright number… Anyone else wondering if he suffered from a headache by the end of the night?! Gotta love it!

Next up is my favourite young lady of the moment! Kick Ass’s Chloe Moretz, the 14-year-old beauty recently revealed in an interview ‘My closet isn’t ridiculously amazing because my mom doesn’t allow me to buy Dolce and designers’. And staying true to that mantra she wore Versace for H&M on the night!!! P.s just peeped the shoes… Gorgeous!!!

Jennifer Hudson rocking the understated LBD, simple but you can always rely on the good old LBD to carry a simple chic look 🙂

Oooorr you could take a leaf out of Mr Ronson’s book, and throw convention to the wind!!!

What do you guys make of the outlandish attire from the night… Honestly?

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