The Only Way is Essex Fashion and Frolics!!!

So ladies and gents, the crew from TOWIE wrapped up the season this week with their season finale and their Essex glam wrap party!!! The series saw fashion highs and those inevitable Essex fashion lows! Lets take a look at some of the outfits from the wrap party! 🙂

Sam opted for a nude floor length gown, bucking the tight body con (Essex style bulges) trend of the night, with crystalised heels!!! Liking this… 🙂

A prime example of that ‘tight body con Herve Leger’ style dress!!! the dress itself is from her own ‘Love Lucy X’ range 🙂 To snoop the rest of her collection click here!

Annnnd another, brighter shoes would have lifted this outfit nicely, like the vibrancy though!!! And Cheryl Cole style earrings (not so sure about the bauble look) !!!

I’ll be honest… This look is actually my favourite in terms of shades, colouring etc Seriously this granite dress is gorgeous, and the stud detail on the back of the heel is lovely too! Just a shame Lauren got this one a size to small… Notice the tear on the seam 😦

It would seem Lauren wasn’t the only one suffering from wardrobe malfunctions  on the night… NO Maria it DOES NOT fit!!!

Chloe pictured above sporting a slightly more sophisticated look for the evening, which ones of the featured looks tickle your style buds??? Are the looks classy or just straight up trashy??!!

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