The Fairest Of Them All???

With the new twilight film on the horizon, Kristen Stewart is going to yet again become a familiar fixture on the big screens over the festive season!!! How do you follow-up the Twilight juggernaut? If you’re Kristen Stewart, you throw yourself into Snow White and the Huntsman, a fierce, gritty take on the famous fairy tale. Plus, you’ve got Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman, Charlize Theron as the icy Evil Queen (especially excited about this as I LOVE HER!!!) and Sam Clayflin as the charming Prince Charmant— seriously what more could a girl want from a modern-day fairy tale when we’ve got loads of armored actors and saucy sword-swinging types?!

Let’s see how our celeb’s fair against the original!!!

Kristen Stuart plays Snow white with and edge, this fairytale princess fights back!!!

You go Kristen!!!

Rachel Weisz struck a pose for Annie Leibovitz’s Dream Portrait Series as Snow White too!

A much more fun take on the classic fairytale heroine, Kim not exactly blockbuster standard but I love it all the same!!!

AAAAhhhh Lastly, it’s Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen!!! Amazing!

What do you guys think of this new darker take on the old classic??!!

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