X-Factor Ladies MakeOver!!!

Kelly Rowland still has the most contestants left on the X-Factor, after Craig left on Saturday (I know what a shocker riiight?), K.Row was left with 3 of her girls!!! If we’re totally honest about X-factor styling we all know that it can be a little hit and miss, but in recent weeks contestants especially in K.Row’s category have been looking mighty fly. Misha B, Amelia, and Janet started the show a few months ago and have since transformed into young women!!!

Amelia who only turned 17 recently was given a second chance on the show and voted back into the show!!! In a makeover shot taken this week the young rock chick looks very Pink’esque wouldn’t you agree?!

 Misha B has pretty much been a style diva since day one so her transformation hasn’t been all that dramatic!!! Loving the front bun/feathers combo!

 This young red-head has undoubtedly undergone the most dramatic transformation since the beginning of the show!!! Red lippy and heavy embellishments? A girl can’t go wrong!!!

 Awww! Janet at the beginning of the competition!

What do you ladies make of the show girl theme??!!

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