Rosie Huntington Whiteley… Ugly Duckling??!!

It’s always refreshing to hear of a ‘ugly duckling’ story, and the latest celeb to reveal her not so flattering teenage pics is a shocker!!! None other than the absolutely gorgeous Rosie Huntington Whiteley says she wasn’t always secure in her own skin (reeeeaaalllly?!). She protests that she grew into her features and only gained her looks later in life. Errm yes she certainly did, anyone hot enough to take the transformers role from Megan Fox is a legitimate HOTTIE!

 The glamazon features in this months Bazaar, where she reveals “I was a bit of an  Ugly Betty growing up”, however  that seems!

 The 24-year-old British model now headlines the Victoria Secret campaign, Loving the dress pictured above 🙂

 Pictures of a much younger Rosie above prove that her ugly duckling past isn’t such a myth, (although, lets face it we alllllll go through THAT awkward phase in our teenage years!!!). Ugly Betty is of course is the character from the ABC show, known for her kooky somewhat tragic style, which in the past has included multi-coloured poncho’s, and those infamous braces! although Rosie wasn’t the only one who got a makeover!

 Check out America Ferrera looking stunning! Clearly not such an ‘Ugly Betty’ after all!!!

 Rosie, has been happily shacked up with British actor Jason Statham for the past 3 years aaaww bless!


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