Ab Fab Ladies for Alexis Bittar

After a run of sucsessful Christmas specials, the Ab Fab ladies are back. However this time not on our screens, but in thier very own fashion campaign. The campaign is for accessories designer and jeweler Alexis Bittar, and Vogue was backstage filming the shoot.

Joanna Lumley (aka Patsy) told Vogue:

“Such a fabulous shoot in the glorious jewellery from Alexis; it was sensational and I am thrilled with the pieces I have from his generous talented hands. Patsy was transfixed by the quality and wants lots more forever. I hope the campaign rocks: I am a fan for life.”

Bittar said on the campaign,

“I’ve watched every single episode at least 50 times, so I was excited to meet and get to work with them. We had so much fun on set; the ladies are so at ease in those characters, as soon as they slipped on the jewels and clothes it was such a transformation – it was like, bam: here we are sweety dahhhling.”

You can see the behind the scene’s video here.

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