Nicole Farhi speaks out.

The designer Nicole Farhi has spoken out this week regarding the payment of high profile stars to appear on the front rows at shows.

You may have noticed over the last few years, the influx of celebrities that are sat on the front rows has increased, and now its emerged that some are being paid to be there.

In an interview with The Telegraph’s Stella magazine, Nicole has condemned the practice; “It is so unprofessional. I have never paid a celebrity and I will never do it. It’s stupid. What do they show you in the papers after a fashion show? Not the clothes, but the celebrities who are being paid to sit at the show.”

She went on to add that she was determined to expose the stunt and those behind it, which is a brave move knowing that many designers and those in the industry would be furious.

In the interview that is to be published next weekend she said; “They will all hate me for it. I don’t give a —- because I think it is abominable.”

Others in the industry have admitted that appearance fees are becoming increasingly common, but were reluctant to public speak about it, however Abe Gurko, the head of Abe, a PR company in New York, said: “There is no doubt that it has evolved quickly, as recently as in the past three years… Once word got out that people were being paid, everyone jumped on the bandwagon. ”

He follows on to say that he would only arrange travel costs and expenses.
“The most I paid was about 18 months ago: $25,000 for flights for two people for a European star, the hotel, clothes, make-up, the car and driver for three days. She was worth every nickel.”

In the U.S. it is common for celebrities to have their travel, hotels, meals, clothes and make-up paid for by the fashion house in return for their attendance.

Mulberry front row SS12. Were any of these stars paid to be there?

Reputable fashion news website Fashionista claimed singers Rihanna and Beyonce can get up to £63,000 for an appearance at a catwalk show.

What do you think about the claims? Does it matter that brands pay for front row appearances to guarantee exposure?

One response to “Nicole Farhi speaks out.

  1. Wow, paid to be there! So much for enjoying the designs/style!

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