Stella McCartney’s Team GB Olympic Kit.

The Olympics are just around the corner, and yesterday marked the unveiling of of Stella McCartney and Adidas’s Olympic kit for team GB.

On designing the kit Stella McCartney told Grazia,
“Well, it’s numerous things. Firstly, it’s Great Britain – so it’s me as a British person thinking – what do we want to represent the nation? Then there are all the technical things – to help the athletes’ performance, but also there are strict Olympic rules and regulations of certain things you’re not allowed to do. Then you’ve got the athletes’ feedback and opinions to take on board – like gymnasts for example, the nature of their event means the design on their leotard would influence how they were judged in the competition. Honestly – it’s so complex, you’ve got so many factors to consider, by the time it comes to me as a designer and how it looks – you’ve only got certain options left of what you can do!




Taking inspiration from the British flag (which Stella describes as ‘the best flag in the world’) and bringing a sense of high fashion edge, Stella has accounted for everything, right down to the smallest of details. ‘I made the flag less strident, more delicate, but then of course I had to be careful not to over feminise the men,’ she told Grazia. So no shapeless shell suits. On the presentation suits there’s are embroidered ribbon trim declaring ‘Only the best for the athletes’.

Stella, the first fashion designer ever to design the Olympic kit, was appointed Team GB Creative Director by sports brand Adidas two years ago.

What do you think of Team GB’s Olympics kit?


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