Is Alexa Chung a bad example for women?

When Alexa Chung uploaded an Instagram image on her Twitter profile over the weekend showing her with her mother, little did she know that she would be greeted with a barrage of negative comments. Wearing a short denim mini dress, stood with her mother, comments on the image and the size of Alexa, in particular her legs, were ‘alarming’ and ‘unhealthy’.

In countless magazine interviews, the 28-year-old fashion icon and model has always insisted that she is naturally slender, recently saying: “I’m naturally thin – I get thinner when I’m stressed.”

Chung responded to the comments – an example of which reads: ‘I’m going to be very honest. I look at this picture and think “This is a woman not eating.” Thus, I worry for women everywhere’ – by writing “Hi, I am here. I can read.”

As the comments continued, she added: “Ok everyone thanks for the teen angst discussions. People are different sizes. I’m not trying to be thinspo for anyone”.

‘Thinspo’ describes ‘thinspiration’, the name given to imagery and idea’s around extreme ideals of thinness which are strongly used on pro anorexia-websites and blogs, that came into the media spotlight a few years ago, when countless sites were removed off the internet by Google and Yahoo, and more recently when blogging platform Tumblr announced that all images depicting unhealthy body images of young girls and women were to be prohibited and removed.

Chung then decided to remove the image, signing off with: “‘I am now making this acct private. Byyyyyeeee”.

She recently told OK! how she is frustrated by trying to convince people that she does not have an eating disorder.

She said: “It angers me because I don’t want to be a pin-up for young girls just for being thin. I don’t want to be admired for being thin, as opposed for being dressed well, and I don’t want the two to get confused.”

She added how she stopped using Twitter for a while “because I got so much s**t about being anorexic. And I’m not.”

What do you think? Do you think Alexa is a negative role model for young girls who blatantly idolise her?

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