Armani to Design Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Tour Costumes

Once again Giorgio Armani will reprise his role as Lady Gaga’s chief costumer designing a string of spiky PVC numbers to take Gaga on stage during the Asian leg of her ‘Born This Way Ball’ tour .

Armani has created costumes and red-carpet outfits for Gaga in the past, but the new costumes will be more diverse. Sketches of the clothes reveal everything from a long-sleeved, floor-length shift dress to a hat shaped like a keyboard. The Armani team used PVC, lots of metal studs, and jet-black Swarovski crystals to create the outfits.

The two have become something of a creative duo after Gaga wore a succession of Armani outfits to the 2010 Grammy Awards, which had been especially designed for her. The designer also created looks for the same year’s Monster Ball tour and a series of red carpet events thereafter.

“Collaborating with Lady Gaga is always an exciting experience for me,” Armani said. “I admire the way she uses fashion as a scenic element and as a means to build a character. She is an artist of many talents and great intelligence. Creating stage costumes for her is a stimulating and creative exercise.”

We can’t wait to see them on Gaga. What do you think?

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