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Birkin Bonfire Controversy

The Birkin bag is one of the most sought after and desired luxury items with a price tag of thousands.

So when Francesca Eastwood and her photographer boyfriend burned a Hermès Birkin worth a whopping $100,000 for a photoshoot, to say that it didn’t go down too well would be an understatement. In fact, since posting the photographs of their Birkin bonfire online, the daughter of film legend Clint Eastwood is now receiving death threats.

The pair massacred the luxury crocodile-skin version of the bag, setting it alight before hacking into the red leather with a chainsaw have posted a barrage of abuse aimed at the pair online. Eighteen-year-old Francesca, who says they burned the bag in ‘the name of art’, has been accused of being a ‘rich girl with nothing better to do than burn money’, whilst others say that the wasted money could have been used to benefit charities or people in ‘real need’, and called the shoot ‘crazy’.

It’s not the first time Francesca and her photographer boyfriend have butchered a luxury item as part of a shoot: in January, she also set fire to a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes worth $10,000.

Despite Francesca’s declaration to friends that the bag was burned in the ‘name of art’, intriguingly, the pair appear to have taken the criticism seriously. Earlier today, Tyler Shields posted a response to the comments, stating that if someone buys one of the photographs which caused such a stir, he’ll donate $100,000 to a family in need. Not. Even. Kidding. Read on, friends:

‘The Birkin photos are for sale,’ Tyler says on his website. ‘If somebody were to buy — all right, let’s do this. If somebody wants to buy one of the Birkin photos, I will donate $100,000 — not to a charity — but to a family. I will give one family in need $100,000 cash…I would select somebody who — my father had a stroke when I was 15, and it became very difficult financially for the family, so I think I would do that. I think I would find a family that someone had a stroke or some type of ailment. I think that if somebody had done that for us when that happened to me, it would have been like a miracle. So, I’ll find somebody who that just happened to and I will help them out.’

Do you think this is art or just plain stupidity?

Richard Nicoll’s ‘Blushing Brides’

Brides-to-be looking for something a little different for their wedding dress should make a date with Topshop on June 15 to snap up a wedding creation by London Fashion Week designer Richard Nicoll.

The Australian-born, London-based creative has designed seven alternative wedding dresses in his ‘Blushing Brides’ collection.

Prices range from £75 for a white, slip-like silk dress with spaghetti straps and ruffled hem, to £350 for a lace-bodiced maxi gown with a sheer skirt in pink and white – of which only 50 in each colourway will be sold.

“I loved the idea of doing wedding dresses with Topshop because I wanted to offer a younger, cooler alternative to meringue culture, something special, but not precious, like my friends, something they would wear if they were getting married” he said. “These pieces are perfect as party dresses too if you’re not the marrying kind.”

The collection will launch on and in London’s Oxford Circus, Selfridges and Brompton Road stores on June 15, and will in America’s New York, Las Vegas and Chicago stores on July 4.

What do you think of the collection?

Lauren Goodger’s copycat rollers

TOWIE star Lauren Goodger has been accused of plagiarising another brand’s product to sell in her own salon.

Sleep-In Rollers – who sell a range of rollers that can been worn comfortably while you sleep – have today sent out an official statement in which they accuse the reality star of abusing their close relationship by producing a copycat product called, rather unimaginatively, Dream Rollers, which launched earlier today.

Sleep-In Rollers say they have been left with no choice but to seek legal action against Goodger in a statement that reads: “Sleep-In Rollers first meet Lauren Goodger at the beginning of 2012 at a trade show that both brands exhibited at. Miss Goodger was gifted stock for her personal and business usage, all free of charge and out of Sleep-In Rollers good will. It has since transpired that Miss Goodger and her advisers have abused the relationship between herself, her advisers and Sleep-In Rollers to produce a product, Dream Rollers, that is an exact replica.”

The company claim they were led to believe that Goodger was interested in stocking their product in her Essex salon, Lauren’s Way, and so confidential business information was shared with her team.

The release of Sleep-In Rollers’ statement did not stop Goodger from launching her version of the product. Lauren Goodger is yet to respond to the accusations, but if legal action is pursued it could be yet another blow for her salon which was targeted and petrol bombed in February.

What do you think? Would you buy products reality TV stars release?

Sunday Best

Printed washed-satin dress – Mulberry – £495
Leopard-print silk-chiffon scarf – Alexander McQueen – £325
Zora leather lacquered-wedge sandals – Isabel Marant – £400
Sally Swarovski crystal-embellished leather clutch – Chloe – £2,035

Louise Gray for Topshop

The poptastic Scot designer Louise Gray has been named as Topshop’s latest collaborator. Louise is a firm London Fashion Week favorite, with her last three seasons being particularly spectacular. The Scot designer sums up all that great about quintessentially Brit fashion.

Louise Gray AW12

Unlike many of the other top designers on their roster, she’ll be creating a makeup range, too. Which doesn’t come as much as a surprise when you see the looks she creates for her catwalk shows.

 Louise Gray SS12

“My idea behind the collaboration was to design for the Topshop girl a range that was young and fun, similar to both the fashion and make up I wear already.” Louise says, “My mainline collections have always been about pushing optimism, colour and fun, I want her to experiment with the product, be daring and have fun with it.”

Louise Gray SS11

The range will be dropping in stores in August and the only hints we have at this present time from the Topshop press release is: “Glitter pots and flouro eye colours in creamy textures alongside a fashion collection of simple shapes in her signature style with colour and texture.”

What do you think?

Ugg boots for your wedding??

UGG Australia have unveiled I Do!, their latest venture dedicated to a collection of bejazzled slippers for brides.

Ranging from £185 to £220, the capsule collection – called, I Do! – includes three styles; Sparkles I Do!, a classic UGG covered in white iridescent sequins; Bailey I Do!, a pearly suede pair complete with gobstopper-sized diamanté button; and Fluff Flip Flop I Do!, a sheepskin slipper that bears a striking resemblance to a bow-topped poodle (which, unfortunately, is not available in the UK).

Shoppers and brides-to-be can pre-order the two available styles from June 1 at all UGG Australia UK concept stores. The collection will be available in store from June 22.

What do you think? Do we really want to be wearing UGGs on our wedding day?

Geri Halliwell is the new X Factor judge.

The X Factor auditions started yesterday in Liverpool and new judge Geri Halliwell definitely made her presence known.  After filling in for Dannii Minogue in 2010 when she was on maternity leave, Geri Halliwell faced very mixed reviews over her suitability as a judge on the ITV hit show, despite her previous experience on Popstars: The Rivals.

The former Spice Girl showed the crowd just how excited she was to be back as a guest judge for the new series by climbing on top of her car and grabbing the tannoy to ensure she was the centre of attention.

“I’m incredibly excited and proud to join The X Factor in Liverpool and have the opportunity to find a new star. Those four seats are the hottest seats in Britain right now!” Geri told The X Factor. She added: “I hope to share all my experience and the ups and the downs of how to make it globally in the music industry with the contestants and I’m really looking forward to having a blast with Gary, Tulisa and the lovely Louis.”

What do you think of the new X Factor judging lineup? And who will be the best dressed this year?