Lauren Goodger’s copycat rollers

TOWIE star Lauren Goodger has been accused of plagiarising another brand’s product to sell in her own salon.

Sleep-In Rollers – who sell a range of rollers that can been worn comfortably while you sleep – have today sent out an official statement in which they accuse the reality star of abusing their close relationship by producing a copycat product called, rather unimaginatively, Dream Rollers, which launched earlier today.

Sleep-In Rollers say they have been left with no choice but to seek legal action against Goodger in a statement that reads: “Sleep-In Rollers first meet Lauren Goodger at the beginning of 2012 at a trade show that both brands exhibited at. Miss Goodger was gifted stock for her personal and business usage, all free of charge and out of Sleep-In Rollers good will. It has since transpired that Miss Goodger and her advisers have abused the relationship between herself, her advisers and Sleep-In Rollers to produce a product, Dream Rollers, that is an exact replica.”

The company claim they were led to believe that Goodger was interested in stocking their product in her Essex salon, Lauren’s Way, and so confidential business information was shared with her team.

The release of Sleep-In Rollers’ statement did not stop Goodger from launching her version of the product. Lauren Goodger is yet to respond to the accusations, but if legal action is pursued it could be yet another blow for her salon which was targeted and petrol bombed in February.

What do you think? Would you buy products reality TV stars release?

2 responses to “Lauren Goodger’s copycat rollers

  1. These products are already widely available and manufactured en-masse in China and elsewhere overseas. Anyone can sell a pink sponge roller, it’s not a new invention.

  2. I think you are missing the point Sarah, she manipulated them into saying she would be stockists of theirs exchanged businesss information only to plot her own, there was a breach of confidence and a lot more to the storey than selling a pink sponge roller, it was morally wrong what she did taking gifts and promising to help put their rollers on the map only to sneakily build up her own, nothing but a snake, it was not about an “invention” obviously its not patent its a roller but their brand is trademarked and she piggybacked their brand purposely for herself. She is not liked in the industry for tricks she pulls like this

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