Agyness Deyn for Dr Martens

To celebrate the launch of Agyness Deyn’s collection for Dr Martens, Deyn and Dr. Martens have made an arty film in which she dons her new designs. Deyn cruises around California with a friend dyeing each others hair, perusing strange stores and graffitis walls then steps fully clothed into swimming pool whilst narrating “I’m very hard to pin down, I’m not a bird that would adapt well to having their wings clipped”.

Deyn will be launching an entire fashion collection with Dr Martens this September which will include clothes and accessories as well as footwear. She says she’s taken inspiration from the grungey look of the Nineties’ coolest couples — Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis, and Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder.

Agyness Deyn has been credited for helping Dr Martins achieve record sales over the last year. The label is currently for sale for a reported £200 million and the number of Dr Martens sold on the fashion website ASOS has risen 230 per cent in the past year.

Check out the video below.

What do you think of the collection?

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