Conde Nast launch “Fashion Hazzard’

Condé Nast the publisher of top glossy magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair and Glamour, have launched its first video game, ‘Fashion Hazard’ which is  video game aimed at young women who would like to get an animated glimpse into the life of a runway model navigating her way through the fashion industry.

Players begin as model Ellie Redburn, a “Kansas-bred novice in the world of high fashion and at the bottom of Fashion Week’s totem pole”.
Redburn lands in style capital New York City during fashion week, and her task is to make a round-trip around the catwalk before the clock runs out – and without tripping or losing her balance.

The player is tasked with sending their model avatar safely down and back up a busy runway collecting “bling,” while avoiding stepping on snakes, getting hit by cups of coffee, and tripping over fallen models. By gaining achievements and bling, and successfully avoiding and dodging hazards, your model avatar can advance from New York to Europe, revealing new details about her back story and making her way to the fashion capital that is Paris.

‘Fashion Hazaard’ can be downloaded to the iPhone and iPad via the Apple App Store for 69 pence.

What do you think? Will you be downloading the game?

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