Another day, another celebrity fashion line.

Another day, another celebrity fashion line.
This time from Tulisa, confirming that she’s the latest celebrity set to jump on the clothing line bandwagon.

Tulisa is teaming up with high street chain Bank to bring TFB which is short for The Female Boss, which is her motto, the name of her perfume and the reason she got in trouble with Ofcom by showing off her tattoo stating the same during the X Factor, to the masses.

“Girls often ask me where I get my clothes so I thought I’d create my own collection” said Tulisa in a statement about the fashion line.
“Something that’s fun, feminine, full of attitude and that reflects my personality”

The 24-year-old singer and X Factor is a fan of  highstreet brands such as Lipsy, Celeb Boutique and Miss Selfridge and it is assumed that these brands will be inspiration for her own line.

Entertainmentwise report that the line will feature “colourful statement fabrics, edgy detailing and luxe materials” and will launch in October.

“In the past I wasn’t that interested in fashion” admits Tulisa.
“Being on The X Factor has made me become much more aware of own my personal style. To me, fashion is about having fun and experimenting and wearing what makes you feel good,” she added.

What do you think? Will you be buying Tulisa’s line?

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