Designer Kate Moross used Twitter to accuse high street store Topman of copying one of her prints.

Designer and illustrator Kate Moross used her Twitter account to post a photograph of a Topman sweater bearing a tribal print which she claims, in places, is identical to a design she created and sold via her website in February 2011. A design she even has tattooed onto her arm.

A few hours later, Moross posted the photograph of the Topman piece alongside an image of her design, highlighting in colour the aspects of the design which she alleges have been directly copied. The designer then asked her followers to re-tweet her post, resulting in 1500 re-tweets from the likes of fashion blogger Susie Bubble.

In turn, Topman responded via their Twitter page, saying: “We take great care to investigate any allegations of infringement rigorously. Topman takes very seriously the protection of its own intellectual property rights and accordingly respects the rights of others.”

When asked to comment further on the case Topman declined, although the item concerned has now been removed from

Moross has since posted that she has “updates” regarding the situation but is yet to reveal them.

What do you think? Has Topman ripped off Moross’ design?

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