The male model who’s a woman

New York-based art-maker Casey Legler has been signed to Ford Models exclusively as a male model and is thought to be the only woman to model exclusively as a man.

She was signed to top agency Ford Models men’s division this summer after being cast as a man last-minute in a shoot photographed by her friend Cass Bird for Muse magazine, alongside Victoria’s Secret ‘Angel’ Candice Swanepoel.

“We have very specific ways in which we identify ourselves as man or woman and I think sometimes those can be limiting,” French-born Legler says in a video interview for Time magazine. “It would be a lovely place if we didn’t necessarily jump to conclusions because someone wants to wear a dress or because someone wants to wear pants.”

Casey said she is first and foremost an art-maker, and points out how this makes her modelling accessible. “I think that’s what people are responding to in seeing me on the men’s board,” she explains. “It speaks to this notion of freedom; there’s something really bold about that, that it really is saying, look: there is also this other way, and it’s really rad.”

Click here to see an interview with Casey.

Casey isn’t the only model who has faded the gender lines. Andrej Pejic, the androgynous, bleached-blonde twenty-something male who has collected countless headlines for modelling as a women when in fact he’s a man.

What do you think? Do you think fashion really has to be gender specific?

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