Christian Louboutin versus YSL red soles case is dismissed

In April 2011, French shoemaker Louboutin alleged that Yves Saint Laurent America Inc. violated its trademark by selling red-soled shoes.


In its Resort 2011 collection, the American branch of YSL featured red suede shoes with matching red soles, alongside purple shoes with purple soles, navy with navy soles and green with green soles, but it was the red soles which sparked the legal action.

A New York judge ruled against Louboutin’s request that Yves Saint Laurent cease selling the red soled shoes in August 2011, however an appeal by Louboutin to the U.S Federal Court of Appeals in September this year ruled that Christian Louboutin could protect its iconic red soled shoes from copycats, except when the shoe itself is red.

A statement released by YSL’s legal representatives today read: “YSL is pleased to see now completely closed this action that had put at risk the ability of fashion designers to trademark color, as well as to now have confirmation from the Court that it is entitled to continue to sell its unique and famous monochromatic red shoes.”

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