Designer Dolls

Whether it is funky teddy bears, painted elephants or decorated plates, I simply love a quirky campaign that requires a designer/artist to put their stamp on an alternative product – and even more so when it is in the name of charity.

The latest fundraiser is for UNICEF, and involves a number of design houses creating a one-off doll with the theme ‘Wonderful Paris’ in mind, to be sold at a UNICEF auction on December 2. The full collection will be on display at the Paris’s Petit Palais until December 1.

All proceeds will go towards providing vaccinations for children in the Darfur region of Sudan.
Here is some of the designs from the world’s most elite designers.
Chanel for UNICEF
Dior for UNICEF
Docle & Gabbana for UNICEF
Gucci for UNICEF
Jean Paul Gaultier for UNICEF
Lanvin for UNICEF
Dolls for grown-up ladies! Love.
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