Are you suffering from Stuffocation?

This week saw a very interesting, and very relevant, feature in the Evening Standard about a 21st century problem penned as ‘Stuffocation’

The afflicted will find themselves in situations such as, writer James Wallman says, “Having a bulging wardrobe but not being able to find anything to wear, having to fight your way through piles of stuff that you do not use to find the thing that you need, and on receiving a present, not having the gut reaction of ‘thank you’ but rather ‘why would I want this?’. With up to half of Londoners now feeling this way.”


We are now realising that we do not need mountains of stuff for status, symbolism or material recognition but instead we  need to start streaming our lives, downsizing, recycling and reducing our waste.

He suggests thaat everyone should use the festive season wisely. Start by clearing out anything that is not needed anymore, and also think about your gift ideas. Do not buy more stuff, but opt for experiential presents instead. Make a memory not a mess!

Well, there is no easier place to start than ClosetBox. First clutter stop should always be the wardrobe. So, if you haven’t worn it for years or it doesn’t fit, then get camera snapping and posting – especially with our festive free listing code for the whole of December. Xmas2013

Get selling and enjoy the freedom. (and profit of course!)

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