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Happy New Year


Happy NY to you.

Apologies for not being in touch, the festive season was busy and wonderfully fun, and the first week of January has just been too chocolate, alcohol and festivity free for my liking.

How are you all coping? Are you rebooting, rethinking your life and reducing your sugar levels, or are you one of the wise ones that is drowning your January blues with more food and fine wine?

I am not wise, and have taken the stance of abstinence as my new year mantra. Although I am reading a lot more about how this is the worst time to detox. A post Christmas crash course, combined with the colder weather and darker nights, and empty bank balance, is a combination for instant failure.

A spring clean is what is adviced, whilst the sun is shining, the days are longer and the flowers are starting to make an appearance. It makes total sense.

Oh well, I have started so I should finish.

Thankfully the sales are still on and it is pre-Oscar season at the cinema. So lots to curl up and watch, just avoid the food counter at all costs…….

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