ClosetBox is an exciting new website where members buy and sell nearly new fashion items. They earn money from their wardrobe at the same time as finding great deals on items they want. No bidding, no stress – simply list and sell whilst shopping for sold out store finds and vintage bargains to bespoke items from our Boutique.

Research suggests that the average woman in the UK has over £200 worth of clothes sitting in her wardrobe, that she never wears anymore because they are too small for her. ClosetBox will allow you to turn these unwanted items into cash as well as to find a new outfit at a bargain price.

Its free to register and members can quickly start buying and selling items. In addition, Nikki will keep you up to date on the latest news, trends and gossip from the world of fashion.

In addition there is a huge environmental benefit. In the UK alone we discard 2m tonnes of clothes all of which end up in landfill sites. So by recycling your unwanted clothes (and other items) you are helping protect the environment.

We also donate 10% of our profits to Wateraid, as we are strong supporters of the great work that they are doing to give clean water to everyone.


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  1. Hi

    we’re really proud to see your post about Eleven Paris Brand, If you need some news or special enquiries you can contact me.
    You’ll found some fresh news about us on our blog http://www.elevenparis.com/blog/

    Kind regards

    Judicaël Baudot
    Eleven Paris web manager
    +33(0) 6 79 80 02 63
    +33(0) 1 44 59 69 15

    • Hi Judicaël

      We are a big fan of your brand here at ClosetBox HQ and will make sure to keep an eye on your blog for exciting news and updates!

      Best regards
      The Team at ClosetBox

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