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Spring Sunday Best

peter pilotto 440MArc by MArc JAcobs 60



fendi 575

jimmy choo 495

Blouse – Peter Pilotto £440
Ring – Marc by Marc Jacobs £60
Trousers – Fendi £575
Sandals – Jimmy Choo £495

Spring Attire!

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The Beckham fashion empire continues….

David Beckham has designed a collection for British brand Belstaff.

It will be a menswear collection that will include luxury moto classics redefined by Beckham’s iconic personal style. The former footballer will also star in the the Belstaff 2014 global advertising campaign.

The Beckham for Belstaff collection will launch exclusively at Belstaff stores worldwide and Belstaff.com in March 2014, and will then roll out with select global distribution in June 2014.


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Rosie Huntington Whiteley… Ugly Duckling??!!

It’s always refreshing to hear of a ‘ugly duckling’ story, and the latest celeb to reveal her not so flattering teenage pics is a shocker!!! None other than the absolutely gorgeous Rosie Huntington Whiteley says she wasn’t always secure in her own skin (reeeeaaalllly?!). She protests that she grew into her features and only gained her looks later in life. Errm yes she certainly did, anyone hot enough to take the transformers role from Megan Fox is a legitimate HOTTIE!

 The glamazon features in this months Bazaar, where she reveals “I was a bit of an  Ugly Betty growing up”, however  that seems!

 The 24-year-old British model now headlines the Victoria Secret campaign, Loving the dress pictured above 🙂

 Pictures of a much younger Rosie above prove that her ugly duckling past isn’t such a myth, (although, lets face it we alllllll go through THAT awkward phase in our teenage years!!!). Ugly Betty is of course is the character from the ABC show, known for her kooky somewhat tragic style, which in the past has included multi-coloured poncho’s, and those infamous braces! although Rosie wasn’t the only one who got a makeover!

 Check out America Ferrera looking stunning! Clearly not such an ‘Ugly Betty’ after all!!!

 Rosie, has been happily shacked up with British actor Jason Statham for the past 3 years aaaww bless!


X-Factor Ladies MakeOver!!!

Kelly Rowland still has the most contestants left on the X-Factor, after Craig left on Saturday (I know what a shocker riiight?), K.Row was left with 3 of her girls!!! If we’re totally honest about X-factor styling we all know that it can be a little hit and miss, but in recent weeks contestants especially in K.Row’s category have been looking mighty fly. Misha B, Amelia, and Janet started the show a few months ago and have since transformed into young women!!!

Amelia who only turned 17 recently was given a second chance on the show and voted back into the show!!! In a makeover shot taken this week the young rock chick looks very Pink’esque wouldn’t you agree?!

 Misha B has pretty much been a style diva since day one so her transformation hasn’t been all that dramatic!!! Loving the front bun/feathers combo!

 This young red-head has undoubtedly undergone the most dramatic transformation since the beginning of the show!!! Red lippy and heavy embellishments? A girl can’t go wrong!!!

 Awww! Janet at the beginning of the competition!

What do you ladies make of the show girl theme??!!

Rihanna… Smoking Hot??!!

Smoking was glamorised in the world of showbiz and glamour a looong time ago, but obviously in recent times this kind of behaviour has widely been frowned upon… and rightly so!!! Well it turns out Ri-Ri doesn’t give a damn (what’s new? :)) as she lights up for her new promotional campaign for the of her latest single ‘Talk the Talk’ !!! In the past the star has always been out and proud about well, what ever frolickings take her fancy at the time, her previous video SnM was banned across British ans American music networks alike… She’s certainly no stranger to a little controversy!!!

Above the singer pictured donning a rather risqué number!!!

The singer has been accused of glamorising smoking and come on Ri-Ri I’m not sooooo surprised… Loving the hair though!

Rihanna has several more dates to play around the UK and Europe throughout November and December, and will appear live on the x Factor this weekend, expect a ravishing performance and errrm no smoking of course!!! 🙂

Ellie and Dakota… Fantastic sibling shoot!!!

We all now and love fashionista sisters, there is something fantastic about all of that fabulousness x 2!!! The Olsen twins, in recent years have turned their hand to the fashion world after starting their own label The Row’ , the line is very minimalist and screams high fashion! Although it has to be said the Fanning sisters may be giving the Olsen twins a run for their money!!! Looking extremely etherial the sisters pose for the cover of this months issue of W magazine, they spill all about growing up together, their future plans and their keen eye for the fashion industry, of course their flourishing acting careers!!!

Young striking beauties, Dakota 17, and younger sister Ellie 13, were shot by famed fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti!!!

So what do we think about this new modeling duo??

Halloween High Fashion!!!

I’m all about the festivities … and this Halloween is no exception I thought it was the perfect occasion to look through the works of one of the spookiest men in Hollywood, of course I’m talking about Tim Burton!!! The creative GENIUS, the man with the vision behind the fantastic costumes in Edward Scissor Hands directed a beautiful fashion shoot on what fashion he thought best expresses Halloween!!!

Filmmaker, Tim Burton reimagines the season’s dark delights!!! and sooo fantastically!!! What do you guys think of Tim’s kooky (to say the least) take on the season’s best???